Where Is Your Treasure

Where have you fixed your eyes? On the world and its temporary treasures or on Heaven and it’s eternal value? Where you store up your treasure will affects your heart’s longing.


Jesus chose to suffer for us. Are you willing to suffer for others?

Pastor Ben King on Worrying

It’s easy to say and sometimes difficult to do. Don’t Worry…faith can help.

The New You

When we accept Jesus as LORD we submit our will to His. Leaving behind our old life and picking up the new.

Christians and Politics

When it comes to religion and politics tempers and opinions may run out of control but what does the Bible have to say about it?

Mission Possible

When we seek God and listen not only will we discover our mission but through continued faith in Him, seeking Him, and reliance on Him it is made possible.

A Fathers Heart

God created us in His image. Although we have blurred that image with sin we can see that image in a Father’s Heart. Here are 7 observations of God’s heart and a father’s heart.

Faith Trumps Sight

It’s easy to believe in that which we see but faith trumps sight. So where do we get this faith?

Four Observations About Prayer

If you are a follower of Jesus then prayer is a privilege that can not be ignored. Here is four observations of prayer to help make your prayer life more potent.

Four Facts About Porn

Porn is an intrusive reality that we can not avoid but must address Biblically. Here are four Biblical based facts you need to know about porn.