Divine Healing

God revealed to us that He is a willing and more than able healer. While methods varied in scripture one thing was consistent. Faith is the conduit in which God heals.

Message From Hell

If you could interview someone in Hell what might they say?

Where To Plant

We should not judge who to share the gospel to but instead be generous with the seeds we sew. There is power in the name of Jesus who are we to say who He can reach.

Truth or Lies

When we exchange God’s truth for convenient lies the sin that abounds wrecks our lives. Don’t be self destructive cling to God’s truth and live by it.

Thy Will Be Done

Still having audio sync issues . This message is best explained by the title.

He Gave

Sorry that the audio and video don’t match. Hope you enjoy the message from December 18th.

When God Says No

How are we to respond when God says no to our plans and sends us in another direction?

Power of Thanksgiving

When we give thanks to God we Glorify Him, bear witness to others, and strengthen our own faith and love.

Gods Grace for Giving

Giving is not a rich man’s thing but a blessing that we can all participate in.

Victory In Jesus

Jesus put sin to death in the flesh so that we no longer need to live under the rule of sin. We have victory in Jesus not in ourselves so keep your mind fixed on Him.