The Love Response

How should we respond to God’s Love?

The Problem With Sin

All sins are not equal. However any sin will keep you out of heaven. That is why we need Jesus.

The Sower

Sometimes you are the sower, sometimes you are the soil. The question is, will you bear fruit?

In The Name Of Jesus

There is power and victory in the name of Jesus.

Love Your Neighbor

What does it mean to love your neighbor? Find out here!

Saved by Grace

We are saved by grace and not by works.

The Unstoppable Church

The church has faced resistance since its beginning. Jesus even warned us that it would. However the gates of Hell shall not prevail against her. She is unstoppable!

Helping the Harassed

Jesus had compassion for the harassed and helpless. How can we help the harassed? By exposing the lies of the harasser with God’s truth and hope.

Deeper In Purpose

To go deeper in prayer we seek God’s Will, to go deeper in power we seek God’s glory, and to go deeper in purpose we seek God’s Kingdom.

Deeper In Power

To go deeper in power we must seek God’s glory and not our own.