Standing Tall Falling Hard

We are called to represent God to the world. Here are three distortions we need to avoid.

The Outsiders

When disaster turns to crisis we must keep our faith in God’s upper story. You never know when things will turn around or who God will use to do it. God loves the outsiders.

A Few Good Men and Women

Caught in the spin cycle of Sin, Oppression, Repentance, and Deliverance we find God is faithful and His discipline is for our good.

The Battle Begins

Second chance under new leadership Israel trusts God and advances on the land their parents shrunk away from. Understanding that God is bigger than the giants they faced by faith God gives them the promised land.


Complaining and wrong turns. Familiar stories for those who have gone on family road trips. God’s people experienced both as they traveled to the promised land. Here is what we can learn from them.



Chapter 4 of the Story gives us the clearest preview of God’s upper story plan of restoring our relationship with Him yet. By the blood of a lamb death will pass us over and we will be delivered from sin.

Cheerful Giving

Giving is an act of worship and faith. It is part of God’s character and is dwells in the hearts of His children. God supplies all we need to be generous givers.

Handling Hardship

We all deal with hardships in life. How we handle them effects us and those we love. When handling hardship remember to P.R.A.Y.

Sin Happens

After we repent and confess Jesus as Lord of our lives we hope to sin no more. Then it happens! We feel like hypocrites, failures, and wonder if we were even saved to begin with. Here is some good news for you.