Gods Grace for Giving

Giving is not a rich man’s thing but a blessing that we can all participate in.

Victory In Jesus

Jesus put sin to death in the flesh so that we no longer need to live under the rule of sin. We have victory in Jesus not in ourselves so keep your mind fixed on Him.

New ID

God has given us a new ID, a do over….what are we to do with it?

The Case For God

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Trust in God

Sorry about the sound quality. This message comes from Proverbs 3. We need to trust in God, obey His Word, and lean not on our own understanding. This is true in every area of life including finances.

Fear of God

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. This fear leads us to God and maintains a right relationship with God. The fear of God keeps our ego in check and out priorities straight.

Why Missions?

Why should we give money to missionaries? Three Reasons; Hell is real, God’s love is real, and the good news must be shared.

Family Matters

Husbands are responsible to love their wives even when they get on their nerves. Wives are responsible to submit and respect their husbands even when their behavior is not respectable, children are to honor and obey parents even when the parents are childish and parents are to love and not provoke their children despite rather or not they deserve it. We are responsible for our actions not the actions of others.

Offended and Offender

Have you ever offended anyone? Have you ever been offended? What does God have to say to us as offenders or as those who have been offended?

Giver and Receiver

This is the first in a series titled “Man In The Mirror.” We need to focus more on what our responsibility is and less on what the other guy ought to do. Both those with the resources to give and those in need have Biblical responsibilities. We need to put more energy into our part not the other guys part.