The Law of Giving

If we live under grace and not the law then why tithe or give to the Church?

Who Do You Say I AM

Everyone has an opinion as to who Jesus is or was. The most important opinion on the matter is yours. Who do you say He is?

Matriarchs of the Faith

Lets not forget the mothers in the Bible and the sacrifices they have made in service to God. Instead we can learn from their commitment to God.

The Deposit

God has given us a deposit of His Spirit. We must not take it for granted.

Survival Tips

If we follow these tips we can thrive in these last days

Rock Solid

God’s Word can be trusted. It is Rock Solid! All other “Truth” is just sand.

Plausible Arguments

There are various philosophies and traditions taught by man that have a kind of logic that may seem reasonable. However God’s Word is true and any deviation from it is a lie.

Commitment to One Another

Paul demonstrated his commitment to the church by praying for the church, inspiring the church, and serving the church. As believers today we can emulate this through our love and service to one another.

Why I Read The Bible

Reading the Bible is an important part of the life of a Christian. However reading the Bible is beneficial to anyone. Here is why I read the Bible and you should too. Sorry the beginning portion of the message is cut off.

Truth About Alcohol

What does the Bible say about alcohol consumption? Wine is wine right?